How is OwlSmart different from other e-learning providers and tuition centre online platforms?

A solid set of unique features allows OwlSmart to stand out. We call them the 4 A's. :)

  1. Accessibility

    OwlSmart can be accessed via Mobile, Tablet or Desktop. Your child can revise anywhere and anytime. You also don't have to be part of a tuition center to access the OwlSmart database.

    We also offer Guardian accounts, allowing parents to effortlessly track their child's progress as they practice with the questions and tests.

  2. Affordability

    We believe that everyone should have a chance at accessing good quality revision resources. We have done our market research and have priced everything to be good value for money. The long-term bundle plans are priced from only $9 SGD per month per subject.

  3. Analytics

    There are hundreds if not thousands of PSLE exam papers available for free to download on the internet. What good are those questions without someone to explain where your child's mistakes are and to highlight the areas which they need to improve on?

    This is the beauty of OwlSmart. All questions have answer keys with explanations, even for distractors. OwlSmart tracks the strengths and weaknesses of students as they attempt questions and will send you reports on their strongest and weakest topics to improve on.

  4. Add-Ons

    Our content managers are constantly adding high quality questions to the system for our subscribers. New features and improvements based on user feedback are also constantly being added to ensure the best revision experience for your child. As a paid subscriber you will have complete access to all new features and questions at no additional cost.

    What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial now and see the difference.

Does OwlSmart cover all sections in the actual PSLE?

OwlSmart covers a variety of questions types across each subject.

Listed below are the question types that OwlSmart covers across the different subjects.

OwlSmart covers a significant weightage for each subject which have been proven to improve students' examination scores from all grades.


Paper 2

Booklet A
All questions types covered
Booklet B
All questions types covered except for open-ended comprehension and synthesis.

Total Coverage for English Paper 2: 68.4%


Paper 1
All questions types covered
Paper 2
All questions types covered under "‘Fixed Answer" questions

Total Coverage for Math: 99-100%


Booklet A
All questions types covered
Booklet B
Open Ended - Questions have been adapted into MCQ/fixed answer format

Total Coverage for Science: 56%


Paper 2

Booklet A
All questions types covered
Booklet B
In progress, currently MCQ based comprehension and dialogue questions

Total Weightage for Chinese Paper 2: 73%

What are the limitations during the free trial on OwlSmart?

Every free trial user can access ALL of OwlSmart’s features with a fixed set of about 50 questions per subject. Every free trial user can only access the same set of about 50 free questions.

To access the rest of the questions in OwlSmart, you will need to purchase a subscription. The price plans are available here. Each active subscription gets full access to all questions, even new questions which we are adding on a weekly basis.

How does OwlSmart differ from free PSLE papers online?

Thousands of PSLE questions are already freely available online, but without proper answer keys and explanations. OwlSmart’s value comes from the synergised pairing of good quality questions with explanations, together with a slick progress analysis and reporting system.

Are you concerned with others copying the questions from your website?

All questions on OwlSmart are protected by copyright law. We reserve the right to take legal action for any unauthorised use or publishing of the questions on OwlSmart.

The questions alone are not sufficient for effective revision. OwlSmart’s progress tracking and analytical tools allows students and parents to instantly identify their weaker topics. No amount of question-copying can replicate that experience.

Who sets the questions in OwlSmart?

Many questions are adapted from exam papers of top schools and actual PSLE questions. Our highly experienced PSLE teachers vet through every question and constructed the model answers with explanations according to MOE/SEAB requirements.

Are all the official PSLE syllabi covered by OwlSmart?

Yes, for each year’s PSLE, all official topics are verified to be covered by OwlSmart’s comprehensive database.

Will OwlSmart be adding mother-tongue subjects like Chinese, Malay and Tamil?

Only PSLE Chinese is currently available, while other mother-tongue subjects will be considered in the future.

When will my subscription end?

The expiry of the subscription will be tied to the last day of the respective PSLE year which you subscribed to. If the PSLE year was not specified during subscription, the subscription will be active until cancelled via the guardian account. Should the examination timetables change, the expiry will be updated accordingly.

What does the PSLE Bundle include?

The PSLE Bundle includes subscription to the 3 core PSLE subjects – English, Math and Science, while the PSLE Chinese Bundle includes subscription to the 3 core PSLE subjects and Chinese.

What do I get for subscribing to each subject? Do I need to pay more later on?

You do not need to pay anything on top of the initial subscription. All your revision needs would be covered for the rest of the year as we have teachers continually adding questions for subscribers at no additional cost.

Are there any structured answer questions such as those from Math Booklet B?

While many of the questions on OwlSmart are MCQ-based, quite a number of the PSLE Science questions were adapted from questions in Paper 2 and of similar difficulty, if not higher. For Math, we also have fixed answer questions with detailed model answer workings where the students have to key in the final answer to the questions.

What limitations would I have with a free trial account?

During your free trial, you will have access to all subjects available but only the first 50 questions in the database would be available. It would give you a good idea on the quality of the rest of the database.

If I change my mind after subscribing, can I get a refund?

We are super confident in the effectiveness of OwlSmart and offer a full refund within 14 days of your subscription should you change your mind, if less than 100 questions were attempted or viewed.

Is OwlSmart affiliated to or licensed by MOE or SEAB?

OwlSmart is an independent e-learning solutions provider. All our questions are created and vetted by primary 6 teachers with extensive experience in setting PSLE level questions.

I run a tuition center, can I bundle OwlSmart subscriptions into my services?

Yes, we offer substantial discounts for bulk subscriptions designed for schools and tuition centers. Please email us at [email protected] with your contact details for further discussion.

Will using OwlSmart guarantee the improvement of grades for my child?

When used conscientiously, almost all students would see improvement in their understanding of topics and ability to answer exam questions. OwlSmart does not specifically guarantee grade improvements but will provide the tools to make it much easier to achieve.

I don’t wish to pay over the internet. What other payment methods do you accept?

You may contact [email protected] to make arrangements to pay via bank transfer from an ATM, or via mailed cheque. However, these methods typically take a couple of business days to process so internet payment methods are preferred.

Do you have questions from top schools and past year PSLE papers in the database?

Many of the questions are adapted from papers of top schools and actual PSLE papers. It will provide the same level of difficulty as those papers with concise model answers and explanations.

How often are new questions added?

New questions are added weekly and made available to all subscribers at no extra cost. Your child won’t run out of questions that easily.

My child’s subscription has expired, how do I go about extending it?

You can extend it from your child’s dashboard under the respective subject. Click on the “Extend Subscription” button and select either 1 month or tie the subscription expiry to the end of PSLE for the year for cheaper per-month rates.

Do you offer discounts or rewards for referrals?

There are no referral schemes at the moment, so any referral you get is as authentic as it can get!

Do you offer Higher Chinese?

We currently only offer the mainstream subjects: English, Science, Math and Chinese.

Do you offer anything for students to practise for their oral examinations?

We currently do not offer material for oral exam practice, but it is in the pipeline.

Can I add more than 1 student to my guardian account?

Yes. After logging into your guardian account, there will be a panel on the right for you to add students.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

We offer bulk discounts to schools and tuition centers. Please email us at [email protected] with your contact details for further discussion.

My child has finished all the questions in OwlSmart. What else can we do??

Although this scenario is very unlikely, we do add questions on a weekly basis so that you would never run out of questions for long. Nevertheless, for health and sanity reasons, we recommend taking regular breaks between revision sessions.

I have twins, can they share the same account?

It is technically OK to share the same account while its subscription is active if they use the system at separate times. Each account cannot have more than 1 test or practice session at any one time. Do note that you would not be able to accurately track each child's performance and the very useful topical analysis reports.

How does the rating score work? How can my child improve his rating score?

In essence, each student’s rating score increases when questions are answered correctly and decreases when answered wrongly. A child can significantly improve his or her rating score by correctly answering more difficult questions and making less mistakes.

Can OwlSmart be used on mobile and tablet devices?

All pages on OwlSmart can be accessed via mobile and tablet devices. We are working on developing an app for iOS and Android as well. Watch this space!

My child has completed PSLE, how do I unsubscribe?

To cancel a paid subscription, you will have to login to your guardian account via your guardian email. Select your student/child, click on "Subscriptions", and then click on "Unsubscribe". You will be asked to confirm and the subscription will be terminated immediately.