The OwlSmart Story

The Beginning

We started OwlSmart because we wanted to create a more affordable and accessible self-revision alternative to costlier options such as tuition, assessment books and e-learning websites that are prevalent today. In 2017, we embarked on the journey to create a platform that provides an equal learning and revision opportunity for all students.

The Process

It was not easy. Countless revisions and manhours were spent in fine-tuning our ideas. Delays were inevitable. We encountered multiple situations which were beyond our control. There were times when we felt like almost giving up. Yet, we persevered.

The Result

After almost a year of hard work, research and product iterations, the result is OwlSmart: An innovative state-of-the-art question database designed to maximize the efforts of students revising for their PSLE examination.

Our Promise

Our journey doesn't end here. It never will. We are committed to constantly revise and improve OwlSmart to meet the evolving needs of the educational landscape and more importantly, the learning demands placed upon our students. Our dream continues.

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