Herbert Drummont

Parent, PSLE
Farrer Park Primary School

My Kids Loved It
Congratulations on your excellent job ahead of OwlSmart. My kids loved it and said it was very helpful for the PSLE. Questions previously answered in OwlSmart helped them a lot in solving similar problems during the actual thing.

Joanne Ong

Parent, PSLE
Yio Chu Kang Primary School

Encourages my Kid to Practice
OwlSmart is Great! The OwlSmart Reward Module encourages my kid to practice and revise questions!

Lorraine Ang

Parent, PSLE
St Anthony's Canossian Primary School

Should Have Enrolled Much Earlier!
OwlSmart is a great product and I am happy to have used it for a few months ever since I have discovered it. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this for many years and could have enrolled much earlier. It has helped my daughter tremendously in her revision and the monthly subscription fee is very reasonable so no complaints.

Lian Huay

Parent, PSLE
Chong Zheng Primary School

Tremendous Help in Preparing for PSLE
With great appreciation and thanks for all the Math, Science, and English Revision notes I have received over the past year. They were indeed a tremendous help in preparing my niece for this year’s PSLE.


Parent, PSLE

Had Fun Doing the English Grammar MCQ
Thank you so much for your help. Yes we had fun doing the English grammar MCQ especially!

Ying Mei

Parent, PSLE
Woodlands Primary School

Great Resource!
OwlSmart was great resource and thinking to subscribe it for my younger son as well. (When comes to PSLE)

Li Sicheng

PSLE, Pei Chun Public School

Thank You OwlSmart!
I am so happy with my PSLE result of 266 that I got recently. I would like to thank Owlsmart for helping me in all my subjects. I have used Owlsmart in Primary 5 and 6 to revise after every topic taught in school.

Mdm Lim

Parent of Rachel, PSLE

Monitors My Child's Progress Remotely
My child enjoys her daily revision on OwlSmart. The rating system motivates her when she gets a difficult question correct. As a working parent, I get instant feedback and summary on my email upon her completion of a practice session. This helps me monitor my child remotely, fully assured that her time is spent meaningfully.

Mrs Chan

Parent of Chan Tong, PSLE

Boosts My Child's Morale for Independent Learning
Owlsmart is a great platform that consists of a comprehensive repository of questions for every subject. The explanation for the wrong answers is very clear. When my child has done the questions, I will get a good summary of her performance. Choosing the abilities of questions that she can cope is a good way to boost her morale to continue her own independent learning.

Fredrick Young

Parent of Judy, PSLE
Alexandra Primary School

Very Good Tool for Practice and Revision
My child has enjoyed using OwlSmart and we found it is a very good tool for practice and revision.

Evon Ho

Parent of Megan, PSLE

Great Website, Very Helpful!
My daughter just had her SA1 exam yesterday on Math. She got the final, hardest question right because it was similar to one of the "very hard" questions in OwlSmart. She would otherwise not be able to derive the answer. Great website, the part that parents also get the report from the site is very helpful, so even for non self-motivated kids, they know parents can see their effort too.

Mrs Lim

Parent of Jordan, PSLE

Really Detailed Explanation!
I am likely to recommend OwlSmart to my peers because it is really resourceful and helps students prepare for their PSLE examinations. It has a really detailed explanation for every question.